We recently introduced a new Live Chat feature for customers to chat with each other while watching the Livestream.

You can ONLY access Live Chat when viewing the stream on a Mac or PC - launching the stream from your My Library page on nugs.net

After launching the stream click the chat bubble at the bottom right corner to open the chat interface: 

Start chatting by typing where it says 'Say Something' or change your username (from the auto-assigned one) by clicking the 3 dots to the left of the chat box. 

You can also start a PRIVATE CHAT that you can share with your friends to chat amongst yourselves. Click the menu button at the top right of the chat window:

Then click 'Create a Watch Party' (or Join if you already have a watch party code):

Give your Watch Party a name, then share the code by clicking 'Invite Friends' or cut and paste and send by email, text, etc. 

Return to the main menu to switch between your private and public chats.