With your purchase of the TTB Fireside Sessions webcasts you can watch the LIVE stream on Thursday night or watch a replay anytime, as many times as you want, until Sunday at midnight. After that a Video-on-Demand link will be added to your Stash and remain there until you access it. Once you start the VOD you can watch for 48-hours before your link expires.


Please ensure you are using a COMPATIBLE DEVICE

On Mac or PC we recommend using Firefox or Chrome (please ensure that you are running the latest version of the software) - login to your account on nugs.net by clicking LOGIN at the top right corner of the page. After logging in, click in the same spot where it now says 'Account & Stash' and select My Stash from the dropdown menu

Click on the Thumbnail image of the show, then click the WATCH NOW button after the scheduled start time to start the stream. You can click the full screen button at the bottom right of the video player to expand the video to Full Screen Mode, or click the Chat Bubble to chat with your friends and other fans.

If you have problems on nugs.net you can try nugs.tv and access your stream from the My Stash page. 


On mobile devices we recommend using the nugs.net mobile app for iOS or Android. Find your streams in the STASH>My Webcasts section of the app (a nugs subscription is not needed to access your purchased webcasts or VODs).

If you are having problems with the app you can access the webcast using a mobile browser at nugs.tv/myDownloads.aspx

If you continue having problems, go into your browser's settings and select 'View Desktop Site' 


We recommend a wired connection. If on WiFi please ensure that there are no other devices connected to your network running bandwidth intensive programs like video chatting, downloading or gaming.


4K Streaming requires a WIRED connection with a minimum 25 Mbps download speed, a MAC or PC with 4K compatibility or an AppleTV 4K. Other devices will NOT WORK. For more information see HERE.