A SiriusXM Platinum VIP subscription gives SiriusXM users access, through the nugs.net mobile app on iOS or Android or from a Mac or PC using a browser, to streaming audio of soundboard masters from 5,000 live shows, with new shows added every few months.

Your subscription gives you the ability to create custom playlists and/or save audio for offline streaming on your mobile device within the nugs app. You also get access to 250+ exclusive archived videos, available in the nugs.net app or on the desktop player on Mac or PC.

For information on logging into your Sirius account click HERE

Full subscriptions include access to the entire 25,000+ show nugs streaming catalog, with new shows added daily + Sonos & BluOS integration and a 15% discount on single pay-per-view Livestreams, downloads and CDs. 

We also offer HiFi subscriptions (with 16-bit 44.1 kHz audio, MQA & 360-audio on select recordings).